Monday, July 7, 2014

JBPM: day 7

Tonight while sitting on the couch mucking about with my phone I saw mentions of Tesla in my Twitter and Facebook feeds, and then I became aware the word was also emanating from the TV. Not a word that meets your eyes and ears every day and here were three mentions almost simultaneously in three separate media, one referencing the inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, and two in relation to the electric car maker named after him.  Freaky. 

I wore a new red skirt to work today - a skirt I'd admired in store months ago, but didn't buy and then got for an absolute bargain at a clearance sale a couple of weeks ago. *fist pump*

One more day of work until my birthday holiday. It's going to be a cold, damp day and I'm tempted to spend the day at home re-watching Bored to Death. If not, I think I will take myself out for brunch, a massage and a manicure. 

Wooh! A week of blog posts! Go, me!

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