Wednesday, July 9, 2014

JBPM: day 9

Happy birthday to me! I've had a lovely, relaxing day. It began very, very early with a birthday kiss from Luke before he left for work and then I went back to sleep for a few hours. 

I stayed snuggled in bed for an hour reading before getting up. I took myself up to Swan Street for brunch. I'd put quite a bit of thought into where to go to eat - the blueberry pancakes with Greek yogurt and orange syrup as Hellas Cakes? The semolina pancakes with rose jam, yogurt and pistachios at Demitri's Feast? Or the blueberry buttermilk pancakes with lemon curd, creme fraiche and citrus sugar at Moth to a Flame? Hmmmm...decisions, decisions... Eventually I settled on Moth to a Flame because I've only had their pancakes once (a while ago), and they also do a top notch hot chocolate. 

Fortunately the buttermilk pancakes were still on the Moth menu and they were still yummy. So tangy. I love citrus. 

Then I got my nails done (purple) and headed for home because it was so cold. Colder than forecast even.  We've been having a cold winter after a very mild autumn, which is giving me the opportunity to wear my doona parka (but mostly whine about the cold). The last couple of winters haven't been cold enough to wear the parka. It was raining a  tiny bit as I walked home so I pulled up the furry hood, rather than bother with my umbrella.

Tis me! I'm 42! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon lying under a quilt on the couch eating Lindt chocolates and re-watching Bored to Death. I love that show, especially Ted Danson's character, George. Don't be a milquetoast!  

Luke took me out for dinner to a French restaurant just across the road from where I had brunch...oh, that was after we locked ourselves out of our flat and Luke broke in the back window, which required him to lean out over a three-storey drop to the concrete below. My hero! 

Anyway, dinner. I had roasted partridge for main - the first time I've eaten it - and  Luke had salmon. For dessert I had rhubarb souffle with white chocolate custard. The waiter bought the souffle to our table, poked a hole in the top of it and poured the custard into the hole. The souffle rose up on the tide of custard until it was floating a few centimetres higher than the ramekin it was served in.  A bit of performance art and perfect winter comfort food. 

We were going to the movies, but we didn't have enough time after dinner. No matter. We'll go on the weekend. 

All in all, a delightful day. 

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Perserverance and Patience said...

Happy Birthday from Ireland, sounds like you had a lovely day!