Thursday, July 10, 2014

JBPM: day 10

Back to work today. Our team always has cake (or some other sweet treat) to celebrate birthdays. This year Brigid made me a pavlova loaded with berries and other delicious fruit. (I told you she's lovely, didn't I?) The pavlova looked so amazingly good that I didn't believe she made it. It was yummy and there was a little bit left over for me to bring home. I've eaten my half and now I'm waiting for Luke to get home while I resist the urge to eat his bit. 

I must saw how touched I am by people commenting they are happy I'm blogging again.  Thank you. That makes me happy. 

Friday tomorrow already! I wish I could have every Wednesday off. 


Andrew said...

There is probably an army out there who read your posts but never comment. Pleased that your birthday was good, even if you partner put his life at risk to return you to home.

Lindy said...

Just checked in with your blog. Great that you have started again!