Sunday, January 25, 2009

A fluther, more zhoozhing and giant Scrabble

One of my lilies opens up

Not only did I see a couple of good-sized fish swimming in the shallows of the Yarra River today, I saw a jellyfish (below). A jellyfish!

At first I thought it was a Common Plastic Bag Fish, but then I saw it propelling itself along and realised it was a live creature, not a shopping bag. What the? I didn't realise there were fresh water jellyfish, but now I know.

And the more I looked, the more I saw. There were dozens and dozens of them heading slowly downstream. When I walked past later, there were still a few about.

I've learnt something else today too. The collective noun for jellyfish is a fluther or a smack.

Project Zhoozh continues...

I got some indoor plants and pots for my flat today. The zhoozhing is just about complete. The woman who was coming to have a look at the place found something else, but I'm very happy with my efforts nonetheless.

The nursery where I got the plants had a fish pond in a large concrete pot out the front, and there was a fat orange goldfish half-hiding under a lilypad.

Lawn Scrabble anyone?

Victoria sent me a link today to photos of a couple's giant game of Lawn Scrabble. I want! I don't have any lawn so I would have to go over to the gardens to play and people would stop and take photos like they do of people playing giant footpath chess in the city!

How's your weekend going?

One of the fluther


Abbeysmum said...

The lilly looks fantastic, what a wonderful colour.
There is something very nice about goldfish in a big pot, hope you can find a place for some oneday.
I keep meaning to get some indoor plants, but there are a lot on my deck which is just outside the living room, can't wait to see yours.

victoria said...

i never knew there were jellyfish in rivers either! wow! that's actually a bit scary!!!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Abbeysmum. It's a much deeper pink that some of a few of the others. They're lasting well and my living area smells divine.

I like tje idea of fish in a pond outside that doesn' need to be cleaned! The one at the nursery was very green and slimy looking around the edges, but it added to the appeal.

I got a spathiphyllum and a dieffenbachia (to use the proper names). Nothing exotic - but hardy (and they couldn' be too big because I had to carried them home!).

Hi Victoria. Apparently the freshwater ones are harmless - at most, the sting would cause relatively mild irritation. And even if they didn't, no one swims in the Yarra anyway (at least at this end of it)! There were lots of rowers on the river though - I half expeced to see a jellyfish on the end of an oar.

Urban Panther said...

a Common Plastic Bag Fish ROFL, that's a good one. My daughter was driving with her father one day, actually, I think she was learning to drive when he yelled out "Oh my god, a road kill box!" We have now noticed the most common road kill in our area is road kill Tim Horton coffee cups. Seems Timmie's cups have serious road crossing issues.

a Common Plastic Bag Fish ROFL

Anonymous said...

On Princes Bridge waiting for the Australia Day fireworks when a bystander mentioned to their acquaintance that they had seen jellyfish in the Yarra. Mmmm, the word on the street is that there are jellyfish in the Yarra. I can see it now, ACA story on man-eating jellyfish can't get an interview because the gelatinous blob doesn't have a backbone. Shame on you blob, shame!

Good work on the walking. I must try for more, but with the heatstorm we are about to have lethargy might be the name of the game.

Earl Riser said...

Like the common plastic bag fish!!
Wouldn`t have thought jellyfish would be in the river.So thanks for the info.
Nice looking lilly too.
You have inspired me, too look for some indoor plants.
Have also been giving thought to an aquarium, with cold water fish, I find them relaxing to watch.

dam buster said...

Giant Scrabble?? awesome!
That would be a challenge.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hello Urban Panther. Hehe. Road kill box. The coffee cups need to go to traffic school...which reminds me of the Hector the Cat ads that used to be on TV in Australia when I was kiddie to teach kids about safely crossing the road. Any of my Aussie readers remember him? He used to play the piano, I think. Or maybe I'm confused with Humphrey B Bear.

Hi Anonymous. Hahaha. Or a brain. Maybe ACA could interview me as an eye witness? Nice to know I'm not the only one who saw the jellies though. Heaps of people were walking past me without looking as I was taking photos of the jellies, and I wanted to say, "People! Jellyfish! Look!" but I didn't. It's amazing the things you see if you stop to take notice.

I don't think I will be walking much this week either. It won't even be cool enough in the mornings. Damn crazy summer.

Hi Earl. I have educated and inspired! Woohoo!

Fish are very relaxing - and the sound of the pump thing that makes the bubbles is quite relaxing too. Maybe I could just have a tank with a pump in it?

Hi db. Did you have a look at the pics? Storing it away when you're done might be the hardest part! And there'd be no "accidentallly" knocking over the board if you get in a huff about losing either. Not that I have done that as an adult. Mostly because I win - not because I'm mature! Hahaha.

dam buster said...

FL - no i haven't had a look yet.

The addage of winners pack up comes to mind though.

SO you mostly win do you?? almost sounds like a challenge!

Frisky Librarian said...

Uh oh. Me and my big mouth.

dam buster said...

You would probably whip my behind but I am reasonably handy at the game.