Sunday, January 11, 2009

Banana juggling and The Magic Handbag

Svetlana squeezes indelicately through a hoop (Is there any other way?)

Today's fun was planned. I went back to see the full performance of the California-based Daredevil Chicken Club after only catching the highly entertaining final 10 minutes of it yesterday when I happened upon the Streets of Melbourne Festival by chance.

I was wiping away a laughtear after that small taste so I wanted to see the rest and wasn't disappointed. How could you be let down by two people juggling bite-sized pieces of banana with their mouths (below - the piece of banana is just under the red V on the right)? Yes, the banana came out of her mouth and into his. Fire eating? Pah!

And since I had my camera with me today, I took some pictures of the cutesy and colourful sugar art by Pip and Pop.

The magic walking handbag

I wore my new pedometer today and clocked up 8 kilometres...although considering that my handbag registered a couple of hundred steps while the pedometer was clipped to it during the Daredevil Chicken Club show, I'm not entirely convinced of its accuracy.

How was your weekend? Any frivolity involving fruit?


victoria said...

that first pic is priceless hahahahaha

what a way for the world to see your gusset!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hehe. She did actually point out at the start of the show that her undergarment was sparkly and therefore meant to be seen, I guess so no one would be scandalised.