Saturday, January 24, 2009

Zhoozhing and lamingtons and greyhounds

A veil of cloudage

It's nearly 10.30 on Saturday night and I have spent all afternoon and tonight cleaning and tizzying up my flat. Once I started I couldn't stop! I didn't eat dinner until after 10 - I didn't realise how late it was.

I've been on my feet almost non-stop since about 11.30 am and I'm utterly worn out, but the place looks good and it's satisfying knowing that it's clean - or cleaner anyway. I have more to do tomorrow before a woman arrives to look at the room.

It only occurred to me when I woke up this morning that the place could use a some freshening up - a bit of a zhoozh - so I walked to Ikea (about 4kms according to Mr Pedometer) and went a little loco. I got a new rug and a floor lamp for the loungeroom, some storagey things and a few things for the bathroom. All it needs now is an indoor plant...

By the way, Mr Pedometer says I've walked about 43 kilometres in the past seven days.


After Ikea I ate a yummy lamington muffin, Muffin Break's Australia Day offering. It reminded me of when I used to help my mum make lamingtons when I was a kid. She'd dunk the sponge cake in the chocolate sauce and I was in charge of coconut application. I used to end up with lamington fingers.

I patted a whippet on my way home. Lots of people don't like greyhoundy type dogs, but I love them. We had a greyhound when I was a young un and she was a beautiful, placid dog. When the greyhound races were shown on the sports report, my brother and I used to pick out a white dog like ours and yell, "Go, Bessie!" at the TV. Makes me smile thinking about it.

Last year I saw a couple walking their two greyhounds - well, walking one and wheeling the other in an old fashioned pram. It must have been injured. It certainly looked very embarrassed. That makes me smile too.

On the way home last night


Abbeysmum said...

Oh , that brings back memories,the little country school my kids went to would sometimes have fundraising lamington sales, the big sponge slabs would come from the bakery and we would have 4 litre icecream tubs with the chocolate icing and coconut,what a mess ! what a lot of fun !!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi abbeysmum. I bet it would have been a mess with kids in charge of the chocolate icing and coconut! They would have looked like walking lamingtons afterwards.