Saturday, January 17, 2009

My gleeful weekend

Weather vane in the city

I have had a very gleeful weekend. On Friday night, I enjoyed a meal with friends at Mahjong in St Kilda. I had never been there before - in fact, I don't think I've had a meal in the beachside suburb since the second date with my most recent ex in November 2006.

It was an evening of yummy (and occasionally phallic!) food (below) and fun conversation in beautiful surroundings - lots of dark wood and rich reds.

Teehee (it's a banana fritter, if you weren't sure!)

Afterwards we went for a hot chocolate at a nearby bar/restaurant which I soon realised was the place where I had the abovementioned second date, but there was a very, very hot waiter with a sexy accent to take my mind off the memories!

I got to St Kilda early before dinner and walked down to the beachfront to take some photos. It was so windy I could barely stand still, let alone hold my camera steady, but my pictures turned out fine. Yay. There were about a dozen kiteboarders taking advantage of the strong winds.

St Kilda pier

On Saturday I met up with a friend and visited the Melbourne Aquarium, which has recently opened an exhibit with gentoo and king penguins. A couple of the gentoo penguins were just as interested in us as we were in them, and had their beaks practically pressed against the other side of the glass. The penguins were great, but the sharks will always be my favourite...

A king penguin

And then today I spent time with a friend I haven't seen in more than a year. We had lunch in the Botanic Gardens and then sat under a tree by the ornamental lake for a good natter. She's in a really happy place in her life after going through a rough patch with the end of her marriage in 2007. It makes me happy to see her doing so well.

Walking the talk

Remember I estimated I would walk close to 40kms in a week? This week I notched up about 39 kms on my pedometer, and that doesn't include walking around at work and at home, plus I forgot to wear the pedometre on Friday and caught the tram on two occasions. Yesterday alone I walked 13 kms! And that meant I could go back to Chokolait for a chocolate treat! This time I had pavlova with strawberries and cream and a rich, hot chocolate. Mmmmmmm.

How was your weekend?

An old building in St Kilda


dam buster said...

I had a glleful weekend too. spent a sunny afternoon gardening and mowing lawns.. ended up falling asleep in the shade of the orange tree in the back yard on the grass.

that has to be the best thing about a back yard!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi dam buster. Sounds good to me! A shady tree is definitely a must-have for the back yard (if you have a back yard). I used to have a fabulous shady lemon tree that fruited all year round when I lived out in the burbs. Don't miss the burbs, but I miss the tree.

I forgot to say earlier too that it's nice having a 'local' reader!

Abbeysmum said...

That old building is beautiful,can you imagine having a flat in there with the big floor to ceiling, arched windows.I would make curtains out of white fine linen so I could still see out and also watch them "waft" in the breeze...niiiiice.

Stephanie said...

Hi Frisky,
My weekend was also full of glee.
Started off on Friday night cooking dinner for the new boy, then I got up at 6.30 on Saturday morning and went for a walk. Never seen my street so quiet during daylight hours or so many cyclists! Treated myself to a yummy fry-up breakfast and a couple of crosswords and went shopping with my sister (spent lots of $$ on pretty underwear!) before the boy came back over and cooked dinner for me.
Sunday morning I got lots of snuggles (yay!) then whiled away the afternoon with my best friend at the pub watching her boy's band play.
Perfect :) and happy to be able to tell someone about it!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Abbeysmum. It is a fantastic old building. You would have a great view of the bay through your linen-curtained window. I'm starting to develop a really thing for old faded buildings with flaky paint!

Hi Stephanie. That does sound like a perfect weekend. I enjoyed just reading about it! There's something almost magical about the early morning hours (if I remember correctly....) and I love to be cooked for. And yay for having a boy to also appreciate your new pretty underwear.

dam buster said...

Oh yes Frisky - My tree is a large and very old orange tree that has heaps of fruit on it all the time.

Since moving in I have added to the tree count to increase the shade.

There are some good things about the burbs, the trick is to be close enough to still feel part of the action.

Abbeysmum said...

A little Glee
3 half naked tiny kids running about under a sprinkler on the big lawn(bore water)
Delicious leftovers for dinner,no cooking !!!
Blackberry & Apple crumble with custard for dessert.
small backyard lawn looking good because I mowed it on the weekend.