Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter glee

Goodbye daylight savings...

I am eagerly anticipating the Easter break, especially as I have a couple of extra days off. Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week. Hurrah! Gotta love a two-day week.

I have oooodles of fun things planned for the next week or two -

I'm giving blood for the second time (OK, that's not fun as such).

I'm going to see a bunch of Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows - Stephen K Amos, Judith Lucy and possibly Danny Bhoy, as well as a show by local comic, Ben Lomas. I'm also excited about seeing Andy Muirhead, the host of the ABC show Collectors doing a stand-up show at my beloved State Library on a Saturday night. I'm such a nerd to get excited about going to the library on Saturday night. It's being held in a part of the library I haven't seen before, so that's part of the attraction. I actually have no idea what Andy Muirhead's comedy is like, but he's cute and seems like the kind of guy you could bring home to mum (not that I'm planning to comic-nap him or anything).

I'm going to see Wagons' preview of their new album, The Rise and Fall of Goodtown, at the East Brunswick Club. Can't wait to get a copy on my iPod.

I'm going to my Dad's place for a roast lunch, and my brother, who I haven't seen in ages, will be visiting from Adelaide.

I'm catching up with a few other friends and I'll continue with my Walking Melbourne tour (once I can walk again).

All that, AND the weather's going to be great too. No call for gloves and boots just yet!

What are your Easter plans?


Julian said...

I'm definitely looking forward to the Easter break: bring it on I say! Sounds like you've got a lot of cool stuff planned there: the state library thing sounds kinda neat.

I've got something on every night between now and Thurs night inclusive, so I think the first thing I'll do on Friday is sleep in! I plan to try getting away for at least a day during the break. I'm not sure exactly where yet, but somewhere country-ish is the idea. The important part is "out of the city and away from it all".

Julian said...

Oh and boo for Daylight Savings finishing! I really like it when it's still light late into the evening. I'm really not looking forward to the winter months when it's dark by the time you've finished work either. :(

Jayne said...

Sounds like a fab time you've got planned there, Jayne!
I'm off to the State Library today with the offspring for research - lurve the Vic State Library ;)
Look forward to your review on Andy Muirhead, too!

The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

I don't get any time off during Easter. So no real plans.

dam buster said...

Gday Frisky - Looking forward to the break myself. Hope to get back out to some of the bushfire affected areas to get some photos of Uncle's miracle for publishing.

Enjoy the comedy festival and the break.. the weather looks good for it!

Stace B said...

OOH I wanna see Judith Lucy. She was on the radio the other morning and made me laugh so hard!!!

victoria said...

sounds like you've got a packed itinerary!!!

melburnians are already here in droves, so i will be doing the usual holiday thing of working my arse off.

i do have sunday off though (we are actually open but the hospitality gods have smiled on me and i have the day off! yay!) and i will be spending it with myy friend Ariel on her bush property, away from all the tourists ;)