Thursday, April 2, 2009

Donkey dreams

I dreamt about a baby donkey last night but I forgot all about it until I saw a donkey foal on the telly just then.

I asked Google what a baby donkey is called (that's called "research", I believe) and while swinging through the interwebs, I found some photos of baby miniature donkeys. How adorable and furry are these little guys? I want one! (I think they should be called dinky donkeys though.)

Mini donkeys are in fact sold as pets. They grow to less than a metre in height and can live for 30 years. Maybe not suitable for a third floor apartment. Perhaps I could keep my dinky donkey over at the Botanic Gardens?

I rode a donkey when I was a very small child. Well, I sat on top of it bareback while someone led the donkey around and I remember them pushing me back up on top of it as I started to slide off.


Jayne said...

Hmmm, a person carrying a heavy load or someone who's stubborn or royalty....pick your dream meaning!
How very sweet! Dinky donkeys under the Christmas Tree this year? :P

Fantastic Forrest said...

If you were from the US, I'd think it had to do with the Young Democrats. A few years ago, I had a great tshirt that had a graphic of a little donkey and the words "Young Democrats Kick Ass!" :-)

Check out this link for a funny, albeit rude cartoon about the recent election which uses the donkey for Dems and elephant for Republicans.

I'm curious to know if you knew those two animals were commonly used as symbols for our two political parties.

Julian said...

Heheh, they look cute. :) Reminds me of miniature ponies!

Reminds me of a little foal on my family's farm in Tassie (Tasmania for any non-Australians out there) when I was very young. It needed extra care, and I was around for some of that. I can't really remember that much about it all, but it's one of those good memories, anyway. :)