Monday, April 20, 2009

Two words

A crepuscular rower's Word of the Day offered up a couple of pearlers in the past few days.

Crepuscular - which means of, or pertaining to, or resembling twilight, dim. In zoology, it refers to animals that come out at dusk. To me it sounds like a word to describe a weepy or crusty sore, especially as the emphasis is on "pus". Ugly word for something pleasant.

There is a much more poetic word for it, which is a recent addition to my list of favourite words - vespertine. In fact, the entry for vespertine includes crepuscular in the definitition.

Quiddity - which means the essence, nature, or distinctive peculiarity of a thing; a hairsplitting distinction; a trifling point; a quibble; an eccentricity or an odd feature. I like that there is a distinctively peculiar word for a distinctive peculiarity.

I bought it

I ended up buying myself a copy of the 40th anniversary edition of Cookery the Australian Way, which I blogged about recently. It was quite expensive, but it's such a simple guide to all-round cooking that I am sure I will keep it forever.

I haven't had a good look through it yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing how the seventh edition compares with my third edition from 1980, which was my high school text book. I have noticed that the recipe for golden syrup dumplings remains after being dropped in the fourth edition and reinstated in the next one. Must have been a public outcry. Quite rightly.

There's some anecdotes in the front from a few people, including some notable chefs, reminiscing about their CAW experiences. I had no idea it was viewed with such fondness by other people.


Jayne said...

You've never lived or have had a deprived upbringing if it didn't feature CAW ;)

dam buster said...

Quiddity - I am definately gowing to try that one when I am stuck with the Q in scrabble.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Jayne. Phew. I've lived.

Hey db. That's a tall order - would generally require using all of your letters.

dam buster said...

FL - true.. would have to hope someone puts out the 'Quid' and then go for it before Squid gets made.

Abbeysmum said...

In N.S.W. the old school cookery books were called "Common Sense Cookery Book"
In Queensland they are called "Day to Day Cookery Book" I wonder if they all had the same recipes ????