Thursday, June 18, 2009

All a-twitter

Another foggy morning in Melbourne

Henry Wagons replied to me on Twitter today! I was ridiculously pleased about it. You'd think he was Bono.

For those who are new here, Henry is the frontman of my fave band, Wagons, and I have an embarrassingly adolescent crush on him.

Ya gotta love Twitter...especially if you want to stalk celebrities. Not that I'm stalking Henry, mind. Yes, I read all his tweets, but I rarely reply to them, partly because he doesn't follow me so I assume he doesn't see my replies and partly because I don't want him to think I'm stalking him!

But maybe I am on the brink of stalkerhood. Today Henry tweeted the name of the place that serves his current favourite breakfast dish and I confess I did make a mental note...

You know what else gave me a little buzz on Twitter recently? I got a reply from comedian and radio personality Cal Wilson. I used to have a girl crush on her because she's so cute and funny. She's on my Myspace friends list and used to read my blog on there after it was recommended to her by a mutual myspace friend. She told me I should write a book, which I was seriously chuffed about considering I am a fan of her comedy.

Anyhoo, I also follow her on Twitter. Not only did she reply to me last week, she also remembered my name! My real name! I was impressed (even though she spelt it wrong. Pah! Details!).

I couldn't really see the point of Twitter in the beginning but now I'm hooked on it...and no, not because it allows me to feel like I'm rubbing virtual shoulders with my celebrity crushes. Well, not only that. I've also amassed a nice posse of followers (that's what they're called, if you don't know) - real non-celebrity people, quite a few of them local, who are smart and funny and interesting.

Twitter is also a great time filler when you are bored at work.

More postcards!

I have received two more postcards via Postcrossing now. I've had one every day for the past three days. The new ones are from the Netherlands and Finland.

I'm now opening the letter box with anticipation rather than indifference, or worse. It's a nice change. Takes me back to when I was a kid and I used to have penpals.

Gee, I love the internet.


Small Footprints said...

The Internet is just an amazing place. The cool thing about social networks is that they, more or less, level the playing field so that celebrities and non-celebrities alike get a chance to "meet and mingle". I'm often surprised when I find out what a follower does in "real life" ... I'm sure that had I known before I started chatting, I would have felt a bit intimidated. In the end ... we are all just people!

So ... are you headed "out" for breakfast? :)

Small Footprints

a work in progress said...

nice pic Ms Frisky :)

happy-stalking is all good, and crushes make me smiley :)


dam buster said...

oh dear! we have lost FL to Twitter. Alas with the wonderful IT services at my work any Twitterage is lost.

Pyzahn said...

I love crushes...celebrity or not. The littlest reciprocation can set your heart a flutter, quicken the pulse, brighten your eyes.

Much better than cardio exercise.

Julian said...

I like the Postcrossing idea: I'm almost tempted to give it a shot. :)