Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A relief and a surprise

There a sneaky puddle there somewhere

Gleeful relief: after struggling through a busy day at work because you're not feeling well and you've had two nights of poor sleep...after sitting on a crowded tram where the heating is turned up far too high and blowing right on you and you are developing a worsening pain in your sinuses and your back hurts from typing like a woman possessed all day...after absent-mindedly stepping in a puddle and getting two wet feet...you arrive home where it is warm and your flatmate is away all week and you put your pyjamas on (even though it's not yet 7.00 pm) and lie on the couch with a hot water bottle and have some nice homemade soup and toast for dinner.

The surprise

I got an unexpected pay rise during my annual review today. I had assumed the economic downturn would mean no extra money for anyone, but we're getting a minimal increase to keep up with inflation. I'm not complaining. See, having low expectations can make you happy.


a work in progress said...

enjoy your solitude, and get well soon Ms Frisky :)

Hugs xoxoxo

Small Footprints said...

Sorry that you're not feeling too well ... hope you're better soon (the homemade soup and toast should help). Isn't it nice, sometimes, to just put on something comfy, head for the couch, and relax ... without having to talk to anyone or do anything. We all need that sometimes.

BTW ... congrats on your raise. I love your attitude ... never counting on something and then ... happy and surprised when you get it. Brilliant!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Jayne said...

Oooo those cold chilly nights that cut right through to your bones are made bearable with hot water bottles and yummy soup.
Well done on the pay rise!

Abbeysmum said...

Hope you are feeling better by now, congrats on the raise.
Sharing the Glee...
A week off work
List of jobs for the week (do-able)
Paid for tickets to Paris...WoooHoo

Pyzahn said...

Ooo how I can sympathize with the sinus issue. Ever tried a Neti pot? They work miracles!

If you need to get warm, come visit the flatlands. Heat index today is projected at 110.

Congrats on the raise. Financial improvements are great mood enhancers.

kate said...

you always have such an uplifting post up on your blog :) you have an award just for being so positive at my blog:


congrats! -kate