Monday, June 8, 2009

Confessions of a sushi-loving dork

Melbourne's big river

I can't remember if I have mentioned this here before, but I absolutely love the soundtrack to the Broadway musical Big River. I saw the Australian production (featuring Cameron Daddo!) when I was in high school and I nicked the soundtrack on cassette tape from my first proper boyfriend when we split up (no, it wasn't because he was gay).

I found it last year and my love for it was still strong, so I bought the CD on Amazon and had it shipped over from the US. Why, yes, I long ago abandoned any pretence at coolness.

Such is my adoration that when my favourite Big River tunes pop up on my iPod, as they did today, I feel a little choked up with happiness. For anyone who knows the musical, my favourite songs are Muddy Water, Waiting for the Light to Shine and Free at Last (if you click on the Big River link above and scroll down you can listen to them...not that I expect you will!)

Go, me!

Have you noticed that my feed is working again? I fixed it! All by myself!

Took me ages, but I worked out what was wrong and sorted it out. OK, in hindsight, it was an extremely simple problem that could have been fixed in minutes, but the most important thing is that I fixed it myself and I feel good about it.

Made to order

I forgot to tell you about my heartwarming sushi experience last week. Every day the prawn sushi rolls were sold out when I got to my regular sushi place.

On Friday I arrived and before I even opened my mouth the owner said to me, "I have a staff member out the back making you a prawn roll." I felt very special. That's my reward for sushi loyalty.

Why, thank you

A young guy bought me a drink at a bar on Friday night. I had ordered it and when he ordered his, he told the bar tender he'd pay for mine as well. I was flattered and said he didn't have to, but he insisted and then said, "I'm up the back if you want to come and say hello." I was impressed. What a gentlemanly pick-up attempt. Especially for a guy who looked about 22. Teehee.

Long, long weekend

I have an extra day off tomorrow, on top of today's public holiday. Wheeee!


Fantastic Forrest said...

Hadn't seen Big River, but enjoyed the links to the songs. (See, someone did listen to them!)

Congrats on the feed. You are super smart.

My little girl is a major sushi dork. It's always nice when someone recognizes you as a regular. When we walk in to Sushiland, they know to make up a seared eel for her and salmon roe for me. Plus lots of other good choices!

How do you know the drink buying guy was that young? Maybe he just has good genes. Don't discriminate against the young looking! He might be like Paul Rudd. Can you believe he's 40?!

Jayne said...

What a lovely surprise with both the sushi and the drink !
Congrats on conquering your feed :)

dam buster said...

Feed coming through strong now FL! well done.

Also nice work on the 22yr old guy. te he.