Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Astro Turf Hand gets a buddy

Astro Turf Hand - solo

Once, somewhere in the mists of this blog, I briefly mentioned the mystery that is Astro Turf Hand, a little hand cut out of fake grass and inexplicably stuck to the base of the Swan Street Bridge.

This has perplexed me ever since I first saw it more than four years ago. Who put it there? Why? Why, dammit!

And now the plot thickens! Astro Turf Hand has a little buddy - Reflector Hand! When I was walking home last night I noticed someone had - equally inexplicably - stuck a tiny hand made of red reflective plastic next to Astro Turf Hand! Who? Why? WHYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

The handy duo

Alas Google is ignorant on the subject (well, at least in the first couple of pages of results). Anyone?

A monger

Somewhere else on this blog I ruminated on how little the word "monger" is used these days, and when it is, how it is often in a negative sense - such as hatemonger or gossipmonger.

Well, today I found Sushi Monger in The Causeway in the city. I like.

Something else I found today

I discovered the word 'globuliferous' while looking up globulous to see if it was in fact a word (it is). Globuliferous means containing or producing globules. Weirdly, I dislike the word globule because it makes me think of gross things like pus. But I like globuliferous. There's just something about the sound of the "iferous" on the end that is very pleasing to my ear. Shame I won't get to use it much. If ever.


Abbeysmum said...

All you do is get your hot little hands on a Lava lamp....there you have the perfect excuse to banter about your splendiferous new word !!

Jayne said...

I still say fishmonger and ironmonger...but I shall hunt down that Sushi monger now.

Pyzahn said...

Love, love, love the hand and its new buddy. Really, does it matter who or why? It's the fun and mystery that makes life sweet.

I'll admit I like using the word monger. Don't know why. It just often seems to be a good fit with the thought.

Abbeysmum said...

Maybe the sound of one hand clapping was driving someone insane ???

Liam said...

Thanks for the reflections. Very sweet! On a similar note, I recently discovered the word 'nincompoopery', which is even better than nincompoop, which is already a VERY good word, and neither of which get used nearly enough.