Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello sunshine

The setting sun hitting the top of the GPO spire

Spring is just around the corner now. The days are noticeably longer and the sky is still blue when I leave work at 5.30. I like it.

That also means Gleeful's first birthday is almost here. I kicked off on the first day of spring last year. It's gone so fast!


Becca said...

I love it when you leave work and it's still light :) While winter certainly has it's beautiful moments, the dwindling hours of sunlight are definitely a downside of the season.

Anonymous said...

The light is all very nice but I hope we do not have the heat of last summer.

Julian said...

Wow, almost a year already, hey?

Let's hear it for Spring. :) I'm definitely looking forward to it not being dark in the late afternoon. Sadly, I'm going to be missing most of it. (Okay, so I'll be in Egypt etc, and therefore have no real right to complain, I suppose. :P )