Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I saw them!!!

I was just past here when I saw them

I saw dolphins in the Yarra this morning! I was wandering through Birrarung Marr on my way to work and I happened to look up at the exact moment their fins briefly broke the surface.

There were two of them, and they were heading upstream.

I got my camera out but they mostly swam under the water, and only came up for air briefly about four times - and I couldn't anticipate where they were going to surface. Dang!

But still. I saw them this time! Yays! There were other people around just going about their business, completely unaware. It was like I had a magical little secret, which was probably mean of me. I should have spread the glee, shouldn't I?


dam buster said...

You could have spread the glee but a woman screaming "Look Dolphins" in the Yarra may have resulted in strange looks and calls to the loonie bin.

Julian said...

Yes, yes you should've. ;P Hope I get to see them some day! :)