Sunday, August 2, 2009

A mini make-over

I got my hair cut into a new style yesterday. I got bored with the way it was and decided it was time for a change. Happily I'm pleased with the results. It's nice to have a little make-over, isn't it?

Here would be a sensible juncture at which to provide you with a picture of said new 'do, but I haven't taken any photos of it yet and I'm not going to whip out my camera now because my make-up has worn off and I have a big pimple on my jaw that you can do without seeing.

But, I will show you a picture of how it used to look.

And here's how the new 'do looks on someone else's head.

Not hugely different - even shorter and sticky-uppy in front rather than the back - but I have strayed further into boy hair territory (hers actually looks a bit softer and girlier than mine). When I first got my hair cut short, I was concerned people - well, single guys, mainly - would assume I like girls because of the combination of short, spiky hair and my preference for T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, but obviously I'm over that now. It feels good not to care what people think.

I went to a party with my new hair last night and came home with a guy's number in my phone, so maybe I never needed to worry (but in the interests of full disclosure, I should add there was some cleavage on show).

Good things about short hair

* It can be lower maintenance (depending on style). This morning I towel dried my hair, and voila! Pretty much good to go. Ace! I might get a few extra minutes of sleep.

* The wind can't blow it in your face.

* It doesn't hang in your face and tickle and annoy you (or *coughs* anyone else's face).

* You can't get trapped when you try to roll over in bed but find you are lying on your hair.

* It's less prone to fluff and frizz and fly-aways.

* You never get split ends.

* It doesn't stick to your lipgloss.

* It doesn't need to be tied back at the gym/doesn't leave sweaty hair streaks on your glasses.

* It dries super quickly.

* It's cooler in summer

* It's cheaper to get it coloured.

* There seems to be an instant bond with other short haired women (or that could be my imagination)

* It's nice not looking like everyone else (obviously not an advantage if you like to blend in).

* There's less hair collecting in the corners of your bathroom and sticking to your carpet.

Of course there are some downsides, but I don't do downsides here at Gleeful.


Anonymous said...

the hairstyle suits u to a T!;)

S3XinthePantry said...

Very nice blog ... love the quotes. So true -so many things each day to be happy about.

Thans for spreading GLEE!

Anonymous said...

Well, when cleavage is detected an acute form of tunnel vision is activated with everything outside of said view of cleavage greyed and out of focus, and sounds become muffled. It is at this point you can ask for a 1st class round the world air-ticket... and another Bacardi.

chrome3d said...

I bet you look good on the dancefloor. There wasn´t that much difference between the two hair-do´s or was there? Short hair is so much easier and it´s definitely cooler when it´s hot. I have a thick hair and I feel like boiling when the hair gets too long. That´s why I keep it short.

a work in progress said...

i agree with all those reasons *nods*

especially the fact that there aren't hairs everywhere in the bathroom - i hate that. yuck.

and yes i find that short-haired women bond :)

dam buster said...

FL - Nice work on the hair and the number!

Short hair and cleavage does suit you!

ozziepossum said...

Gawd, you've almost convinced me to cut mine! But I've spent sooo long growing it and it looks great when I have time to do something with it!

Frisky Librarian said...

Thank you Anonymous #1. Is this based on what you have read of me, or have we met?

Hi there S3X. Thanks for popping in and for the compliments. Making an effort to take notice of little things to be happy about really has made a difference to my enjoyment of life. Not that it is an effort now.

Hello Anonymous #2. Yes, I think this is the phenomena at work when and reconstructed male friend of mine means says of an attractive woman, "What? She has a head?".

Hi Chrome. Hehe. Yes, not a great deal of difference, though the new hair is a bit less conservative and not quite as amenable to being styled into a more staid look for work. Hard to make hair that short do what you want it to do.

Short hair is definitely cooler in summer, although I find I need to be a lot more diligent with sunscreen application because more skin is exposed, including ears.

Hi awip. Oh good. It's not just my imagination.

Hey db. Thanks. Haven't used the number yet.

Hi ozziepossum. Growing your hair takes a long time. I can understand why you don't want to go the chop.

Katrina said...
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Jayne said...

Love the style, suits you very well!
Almost had me convinced to cut mine short lol.

Katrina said...

I know lots of guys who like short hair. Besides, you look great with it short.

Emm said...

I like short hair! My hair is really, really long right now but I want to cut it off and donate it to charity. Only two more inches to go then I can tie it in a plait, cut it and post it off.

Carla said...

I love your new hair (I loved the before picture too). I am thinking of cutting my hair, but I am too chicken right now!