Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A tough day turns out well

A quick stop at the Williamstown waterfront before the funeral

It was my Dad's funeral today and I amazed myself by delivering a speech and doing it pretty well. I never imagined that I had it in me not only to speak in front of so many people, but to speak publicly at such an emotional time.

I haven't done any public speaking since....well, probably since Year 12, and I'm not an outgoing type who loves being centre stage. But I did it! I even ad libbed a bit.

It was weird how calm I was leading up to it. I thought I would be wobbly-legged and all a-tremble, but I wasn't. I was determined to do it for my Dad and I did.

I felt elated after it was over - a combination of relief that it was out of the way and immense pride at doing it as well as I did. It's wonderful to discover strength you never knew you had.

And to have everyone tell me how well I did, that they were proud of me and that my Dad would be proud was the cherry on top.  

It's been a sad day, but also a good day. Laughter through tears.


Dina said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

I know what you mean about funerals. They're so sad, but there's good stuff there too. It's nice to share all the happy/funny memories about the person. And it's also a time to get see family and friends you don't get to see so often.

I'm glad you were able to do your speech so well. I would have been very nervous as well.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

a work in progress said...

well done Jayne :)

(is it weird to for someone that doesn't *know* you to be proud of you too???)

Small Footprints said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your Dad! You did a wonderful thing by getting up and speaking about him! And that you realized a strength which you didn't know you had ... well ... that says a lot about both you and your father! It's like you both gave each other a gift!

Gillian said...

Oh Jayne, so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. I remember you saying a few months ago that he wasn't well, but hadn't heard anything since as we've been out of touch. It seems quite sudden and he can't have been very old.

I think you did so well being able to talk at the funeral without falling to pieces. I always admire ppl who can do that. *hugs*