Monday, December 20, 2010

Ducks, extra leave and an anniversary

I saw this little duck family on my way to work this morning and then I saw it again on my way home. The ducklings are so tiny..

Mama and Papa Duck are one of two pairs of ducks who seem to call the banks of the Yarra between my place and the city home. I do see larger groups of ducks from time to time, but I see these two pairs on their own all the time (although I suppose I'm just assuming it's the same pairs! I need to start looking for disinguishing features.)

There's also a pair of swans which live in the area and have hatched cygnets on the bank.  I know they're the same pair because one of them has a marker with a number around its neck. I like seeing the familiar birdy faces. It's like having pets, but without responsibility and poop duties.

I got my extended holiday! Yay! Just as well because I've compiled a rather extensive to do list that will no doubt fill up the whole 16 days.

Yesterday was my sixth anniversary of moving into this flat. That's the longest I've lived in one place since I left home (although I was at my last place for five years).

I can't believe I've got to stay so long here considering how often the flat has been sold, but I'm so glad I have. I love it. I won't be moving until I have to (as much as I'd like to live on the other side of the river).

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