Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Not gerberas...geraniums in window boxes are everywhere
in the inner city these days. I like it. (That's cnr Little Collins and Bank Place in the city.)

And I'm back again even though I don't have to be!

I got a bunch of happy orange gerberas from the partner I work for to say I'm doing a great job. How lovely is that? I feel good every time I look at them. I would have been pleased with the feedback alone, but the flowers make it extra special. 

The job is challenging, but I do feel like I'm doing a good job. It's far more satisfying than my mind numbing old job.


abbeysmum said...

congratulations on the month of blogging, well done you. What a nice thoughtful gesture, to give you flowers in appreciation for your work.

Frisky Librarian said...

Thanks. It was much easier this year than last year.

It was very thoughtful indeed. People are lovely.