Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snip, Santa, holidays

I had to make up many archive boxes today. Although I find the sound of cardboard scraping on cardboard almost as bad as fingernails down a blackboard, I did enjoy snipping the plastic tape that holds the bundles of flat pack boxes together.

My tram driver tonight (a man in his 50s) was wearing a Santa hat and had decorated his cabin with blue and gold tinsel. Teehee.

I have 10 days off at Christmas (the whole firm shuts up shop) and I can't wait, even though I won't be paid for the leave. I'm going to my mum's in Wauchope (northern NSW) for a few days, then having a few days at home. I love having time at home on the holidays. I often find it more relaxing than going away.

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dam buster said...

I hate putting together those boxes.. fold flap A into slot Z arrgghh and the cardboard feels so damned dry it gives me the screeching fingernail creeps