Monday, December 6, 2010

Here's some glee I prepared earlier

I've kind of been enjoying not having to post every day now NaBloPoMo is over, but I've saved up some gleeful stuff from the past few days.

I had my work Christmas party on Friday night and it was fun. They really go all out. It was at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom (lah-di-dah) and, in keeping with the circus theme, there were acrobats, funny mirrors, plate spinners, stilt walkers, clowns and a ringmaster for emcee. The three course meal was delicious. The band was funky. The dancing was vigorous.

The highlight of the night was the law graduate revue, which was a medley of singing, dancing, video vignettes and in-jokes (most of which I understood. Yay). There were parodies of the Old Spice ad and Master Chef, and the finale was a spectacular rendition of Robbie Williams' Let Me Entertain You (substituting the name of the firm for 'Me').

All in all, a great night. People say you're just part of a faceless mob working at such a large firm, but it really feels like there's a sense of community. Or maybe it's still all too new for me to be cynical about it....

(Oh, I didn't wear the dress in the end - I decided I would look too different to everyone else and I'm too new to be so bold. Sorry, no pics from the night.)

During the meal, one of my friends who started a couple of weeks before I did asked how old I am. Her mouth dropped when I told her. She thought I was younger than her. She's 27. For those who don't know, I'm 38. I love that moment. (That's what staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen can do for you.)

I was given a box of Lindor Balls on Friday as a thank you for my efforts preparing for a big trial that started in Sydney today. It wasn't necessary (especially as I'm paid for overtime!) but it's wonderful to know you're appreciated. 

As if that weren't enough, today the two solicitors on the case who are in Sydney had a box of cupcakes delivered for the many people who helped with preparations. A very lovely gesture. 

In even more work-related news, it looks like I will be made permanent at the firm, but not for another couple of months. I'm starting a new role in the same group next week and they want to make sure that works out before they sign me up.   


Andrew said...

Seems like you fell on your feet with this job. Good for you.

abbeysmum said...

congratulations on everything going really well at work, I hope you continue to enjoy it.

I love those flowers, they are like little orchids, I have them in my back garden and they burst into flower every time it rains, they are Dietes Iridis and are tough as weeds to grow.

Gillian said...

Party sounds great! hopefully not an Ally McBeal style when everyone embaresses themselves. I'm sure there'll be some professional pics from someone that we might get to see eventually? What did you wear in the end?
I love the sound of the law grad revue....I canNOT imagine my staff putting in so much effort into something like that! great team work too!
go YOU! for looking more than 10 years younger than your colleague :-) Interesting she even considered asking though....most don't.
And how lovely getting some balls for helping out doing your job :-) AND later cakes!
And the best news of all you could be permanent...what a lovely Chrissie pressy....especially after the crap start to the year. How do the roles differ? I thought a law sec was a law sec was a law sec. :-S
Good Luck, and thanks for the fabulous news! xx

mykalel said...

Hey Jayne
Glad things are working out well at the new job. Miss you on Twitter. Have a great Xmas & New Year.
Mike aka ClarkCactus

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey Andrew. Yes indeedy. It's hard work, but I like it.

Hi abbeysmum. Thanks, me too.

Those irises are all over the place down here in public spaces, because they are hardy, I assume.

Hello Gillian. I haven't heard of anyone embarrassing themselves, although one of the girls in my team had a (married) partner from another section proposition her. Aparently well known for it...

There are some professional pics for purchase but I haven't had a look at them.

I ended up wearing my pouffy petticoat under a red skirt, a black top with lace detail and red satiny shoes.

The grad revue is always a big deal. There's about 20 of them and they work on it for months. I think they even have professional sound and lighting people helping them (the firm funds it).

Younger than my friend, but not 10 years younger! I couldn't pass for 17. She said she'd been curious how old I am because she couldn't tell. I'm often asked, I guess because maybe things I say don't seem to gel with how old I look.

The roles don't differ - I'll be doing the same work but for different solicitors. You'd be surprised how much variation there is in the work legal secretaries do (I am!). At the small firm, I did a lot of typing; in this job I do almost none because they have people who do nothing but type. I also have very little to do with actual law stuff in this role - I haven't had to file a legal document or ring the courts or arrange service of anything, I think because they have a lot of junior solicitors and grads. My work is mainly general administration - organising travel, diary management, billing, managing expenses, answering phones, organising events and other boring but essential stuff like filing. There's so much more variety in this job than in my last two roles and I think it's a handy stepping stone to moving into a more general admin role if I decide to go that way (and I can find something that pays as well as the legal industry).

Hey Mike. Thanks. You too!

Frisky Librarian said...
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abbeysmum said...

Sounds like the job is more Personal Assistant (more diverse and interesting) than secretary(same old same old).
Up here the Dietes grown in public places tend to be the pale yellow with the brown centres, even more hardy than the pretty white ones, maybe for the harsher climate.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Glad to hear all this news!

I love the flower (thought it was a form of columbine) but it seems like you should illustrate this post with a bunch of roses because everything's coming up roses for you! :-)