Sunday, October 16, 2011

New duck, racing, more signs

There's a new duck in town! I spotted this big duck hanging out with a pair of little wood ducks on the Yarra when I walked into the city today.

I went to the gym, the first time I've worked out on Sunday in ages. Quite pleased with myself. If I can just keep it up...

After the gym and lunch,  I walked to Lygon Street to see the last leg of the Herald-Sun Tour bike race. Luke couldn't go, so I went for him. I never paid much attention to professional cycling until I started seeing Luke, but I found it quite exciting when the stream of cyclists zoomed past me. I took many photos.

I spotted some more old signs in Carlton:

 Trades Hall driveway

Entrance to the old underground public toilets
on Faraday Street

Rathdowne Street. Can't quite make out what the old sign says...

Better [something] better gifts?


Narekenna said...

Great shots as usual:D I think the old lettering reads: better Tea better GIFTS, both betters in lower case and TEA and GIFTS in upper case I think?

Lee said...

Keep on rockin', Jayne