Sunday, October 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo, feeling better, zombies

I'm participating in National Blog Posting Month again for the third year running. I've been a slack blogger lately, so I thought I'd give myself a kickstart with NaBloPoMo. Prepare for the daily bombardment of glee from Tuesday.

I had a nice sleep in this morning and stayed in bed for a while listening to the rain. Then I got up and went to the gym. Go, me! I've been back at the gym for about three weeks and it's amazing how much better I feel - more energetic, less sluggish and far less stiff and sore in the back and joints.  And that's just from two 45 minute sessions a week of stretching, core work and weights. Nothing overly strenuous at all.

The Zombie Walk lurched through the city this afternoon. There were thousands of them.

As a result, this guy at the ATM didn't really raise any eyebrows. He might have been doing the walk of shame after a Halloween party.

Polly has resorted to begging by the road side for crackers

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