Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Swan egg, carving, longer days

There's a swan baby on the way! Maybe more than one, but only one egg was visible when I walked past the nest, near the um...Swan Street Bridge, on Sunday.

In other news on things I've recently seen near bridges, I spotted this very intricate stone carving beneath the Church Street Bridge on Saturday when I went for a late afternoon walk. You will walk past it if you head down the steps half way across the bridge on the city side. It says, "Victoria...Peace and Prosperity". It's not new obviously... Either I just didn't see it on the one or two other occasions I've walked down those stairs, or it was revealed during the recent lengthy restoration of the bridge.

Daylight savings started on the weekend. Yay! It was so nice walking home in proper daylight tonight, even after finishing work at 6.00pm.

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Lauren said...

That carving is very cool! I'm enjoying getting to see things on the other side of the world on your blog.