Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peninsula, peloton, Portsea

Why, yes, that is the peloton.

Luke and I went for a drive down the Mornington Peninsula today, mostly to see a little of the Herald-Sun tour cycle race. And we did see a little - they whizzed past in a flash of lycra at Dromana and were gone in seconds. First there was a break-away group of about four cyclists vying for the lead, then one lonely guy riding on his own, and then the mass of the peloton. (Yes, I'm pretending I use the word peloton all the time).

We didn't drive all that way just for a few seconds of cycling action though. We had lunch in the sunshine at Mornington beforehand, and afterwards we drove down to Portsea and strolled along the pier.

Oh no! The big ferry's gonna crash into the little ferry!

We had an icecream at Sorrento on the way back. My cup of three flavours was eNORmous, but I got through it all. Luke had a sensational lime gelato.

I got photos of some ace old signs:



I made Luke turn around and go back so I could take a photo of the second one, which was a bit annoying because it was hard to find a break in the traffic. He's good to me.

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