Monday, November 14, 2011

Briefly rich, round, lamb

Wooh! Payday. I've waited a whole month for this! I felt rich for a few minutes (especially as I got paid for some overtime) but then I paid my rent and bills. Although it's a little disheartening seeing all that money come in and go out so quickly, it is very convenient when your rent falls due on pay day. There's not too much to worry about until the next payday rolls around.

I've deposited odd amounts of money into my savings and credit card accounts so that the balances are round numbers. I like it when they're round numbers.

I'm having lamb for dinner. Yum. My favourite. (At least I hope I am...Luke did the shopping and is on his way home now.)

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piggywhistles said...

I hope you had lamb for your dinner and I hope is was fantastic!