Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stormy, fluffy, fast

Melbourne was woken by a thunderstorm early this morning (except for Luke who slumbered through it). There were two huge claps of thunder and heavy rain. I drifted back to sleep listening to the downpour. There's more stormy weather ahead.

Another benefit of going back to the gym is that I've been walking home along the river, via Federation Square. As much as I enjoy working close to home, I do miss walking through the city on my way home every night.

On my way home tonight I saw lots of these fluffy dandelion things on the river bank. It was quite an effort to resist taking a photo of each one. It was too much of an effort to bend my gym-weary body down for a macro shot, so I zoomed in as far as my zoom would zoom.

When I was down on the bank taking a photo of that, I saw this:

I had to bend down to take this photo.  Isn't mushroom season over?

This duck was swimming at such a cracking pace, I think it was racing the rowers, who were out training on the river. I had to shoot quickly.

It was nice to come home to my couch and leftovers for dinner.

Check out the winners of the 2011 Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards. Stunning. The photo that won the adult classic view - runner up is my favourite.


piggywhistles said...

Great photos! I think writing a blog with photographs really makes you take notice of the beauty that is around you.

Frisky Librarian said...

Yes, it really does make you take more notice! It's amazing how many things I have discovered about my city since I started posting my photos to my blogs. I don't think I ever really looked up and around me so much before.