Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dandenongs, Silvan Dam, old signs

Luke and I went for drive up to the Dandenongs this afternoon. I don't know that it was much cooler up there than in the city, but the green, ferny shadiness made it seem cooler. There was a lovely breeze up at the top of Mount Dandenong too (as well as a posse of Buddhist monks with what looked like very expensive cameras). 

We then took a drive on an unsealed, winding and mostly deserted road through the forest of tall eucalypts and tree ferns. Luke thought it would bring us out at Silvan Dam. And it did! Go, Luke.

We wondered about the grassy grounds (and saw a man with the most ridiculous comb-over in the universe). There's a disused overflow area (or something) at the bottom of the dam wall which was full of murky water, but it had tiny little fish swimming in it (well spotted by Luke). There was some odd old machinery.

Then we took a stroll along a shady bush trail. There was a little creek and a fungus.

We stopped in Belgrave on our way home for snacks (very tasty sushi at Sushi Express) and slushies, which were just what we needed after being out and about on such a warm day.

Earlier today...
Last weekend in the car with Luke I spotted a fantastic old sign on the side of a building on Commercial Road in Prahran. Despite visiting that area regularly, I had never seen it before because I usually walk on the same side of the street, which is covered by verandahs. I went to check it out on my way to the osteopath this morning.

Looks like an ad for the old laundry whitener Reckitt's Blue

Further along on my walk, I was waiting at the lights on High Street and I looked up and saw what appeared to be old paint on the side of a building behind the Lucky Coq. I wandered up for a better view and - sure enough! Another Maples Pianos signs. It looks like it says Maples Furniture and Pianos. Maples sure left their mark on the inner eastern suburbs.


piggywhistles said...

I live in Wollongong with relatives at Ferntree Gully. I love the Dandenongs and Belgrave, although it is quite a few years since I have been there. Good spotting of the old signs.

Lee said...

I like your "posse of monks" (very clever going against type.. I think I'll try that sometime). Here are some of my collective nouns. It looks like you guys had a great day. Did you ever tell us why you love old signs so much?

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi piggwhistles. It certainly is a nice part of the world and really quite close by too.

I do love the thrill of spotting a new sign, especially in an area I'm familiar with.

Hello Lee. Haha. I like the shush of librarians.

I don't know that I have ever explained my interest in old signs. I think it started when I saw an old sign in one of Melbourne's laneways and then I started taking more notice and seeing them all over the place. I like that they're relics of the past that have managed to endure in the face of progress. It dovetails with my interest in Melbourne's history.