Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo begins

Lots of pretty flowers in the grey garden
 and I photograph the weed.

I'm very pleased with myself for remembering that today is 1 November - the first day of National Blog Posting Month. It would have been rather embarrassing to not even make it past day one. 

It was a public holiday in Melbourne today for that horse race/fashion parade/boozefest known as the Melbourne Cup. Yay for a day off work (especially since I had a rotten day yesterday). Luke had to work in the afternoon, but it was lovely to be able to spend the morning together. We went for breakfast and a stroll in the Botanic Gardens, which are in full spring bloom.

True to my saying that there's always something new to see in the gardens, we found a new, narrow path that I'd never walked before. It did only lead us to a platform overlooking the Gardens' green waste facility but you don't see a pile of mulch that big every day.

After Luke left for work, I had a nap. I've never been much of a day sleeper, but lately I find even just lying down and closing my eyes gives me a little boost (on non-work days, of course. Sadly).

It's (The Whole) Kit and Caboodle day on Three D Radio and I'm enjoying listening to the whole show from my couch for a change, instead of trying to listen in on the radio app on my phone at work with my very unreliable internet connection. I won't miss a second!  

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