Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An ending and a beginning

I started my new job today. Of course I was sad to come to the end of my three-week staycation (I'm so not one of those people who says they'd get bored if they didn't work), but my first day went well and I'm feeling very positive about my decision to take the job (not that I've had any doubts). 

Most of my day was spent in training and I actually managed to stay alert, despite getting up much earlier than I have for three weeks.  Thankfully I already know how to use the document management system, which makes the learning curve a little easier to negotiate. 

I made it to my desk in the afternoon and was delighted to discover I can see the State Library  - one of my favourite places - from my desk.

But most importantly, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The managing partner (the big boss) is on my floor and he called out goodbye to me as I was leaving - by name. I was pretty impressed with that.  It's a much smaller firm - about 200 in the Melbourne office, compared to more than 700 in my old job.  I think I'm going to like it there. 

Other good bits: 
  • They have a corporate casual dress code so I don't have to wear suits. I don't feel disappointed about by their once-a-month casual clothes day now (rather than every Friday). 
  • The IT trainer gave me a chocolate frog. Of course I liked her instantly. 
  • I get to walk through the heart of the city and some of my favourite laneways on way to and from work again. I've missed being in the thick of it. It's a few blocks further than my old job, but that's OK. More exercise!
  • I saw a rainbow over the top of the Rialto Buildings on my way to work, but I didn't stop to take a picture because I wanted to make sure I arrived on time (I was waaaay early).


piggywhistles said...

Great to hear your first day in your new job went well. Do you watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on ABC1 Friday nights at 8.30 (or Sunday nights 10:30)? It is set in Melbourne in the 1920's. They often show old signs. I'm sure you would enjoy it for the sets. (I love the clothes.)

Frisky Librarian said...

Thanks Piggy. I kinda half-watch Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries, but clearly I should be paying much closer attention. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it my full attention this week.