Sunday, April 29, 2012

Girly girl, magazine heaven, yum

The sunset tonight

I had a girly day today - got my hair cut and coloured (just the usual), and while the hairdresser was doing my colour, the other hairdresser did my nails. There was no one else in the salon. It was like having my own personal staff. 

It's actually the first time I've had a professional manicure, which is odd since I find cutting my nails a tedious chore (and I think they know this - they have their revenge by growing super fast). I think I'll keep paying someone else to do it for me.

Speaking of firsts, I went into Mag Nation for the first time today. I'd always thought it was just a newsagent without newspapers, but today for some reason I went in for a look. Wow. So many cool magazines. Some are more like books than traditional magazines ('mooks' apparently), with heavier matt paper, few ads (hence higher cover prices), lots of photographs, and different shapes and sizes (square, or landscape layout). There's surely not a single niche market that isn't catered for at Mag Nation. There's even two - yes TWO! - magazines for tractor enthusiasts. 

I bought a music mag that had Jack White on the cover, and a bonus CD of songs that Jack has covered. I also bought Frankie magazine. I wanted to buy Dumbo Feather (one of the aforementioned mooks), but couldn't justify spending so much on magazines on one visit. Next time...

After Mag Nation I popped into Hudsons Coffee because I was peckish for something sweet. I was chuffed to discover they have a range of gluten free treats. I had a chocolate brownie and it was scrumptious. I'm simultaneously thrilled and dismayed that it's so close to my work...

On the topic of yummy food, last night for dessert I had vanilla yogurt with banana, pecans and a drizzle of maple syrup. Delicious and nutritious.

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