Saturday, April 7, 2012

The mundane is to be cherished

Luke and I wandered around the Abbotsford Convent today.  I really like the convent - it's only 4kms from the CBD, but it feels like another world. The numerous buildings on the site were deserted and derelict not so long ago, but are now being progressively renovated to house artists' studios, a gallery, a health and wellbeing centre, cafes and a reception venue. There's still enough dereliction to give it a sombre, almost spooky, atmosphere, especially when there's no one around (see my photos here). 

Soon after we arrived I found a very large feather on the lawn while taking photos in the courtyard - it's more than 30cms long! Must have come from  a very big bird (a big bird; not the big bird). I held onto it for the rest of our wander and brought it home with me. (I''ll post a photo tomorrow.) 

We had a vegetarian lunch at Lentil as Anything in the convent grounds (where there are no prices - you pay what you think it deserves) and then visited the C3 gallery. I liked these works of Georgina Lee from her exhibition called Living the Dream. 

A ticking clock (click to enlarge)

After the convent we drove to Brunswick and strolled up and down the multicultural melting pot that is Sydney Road in Brunswick. Yes, there were some old signs, including these gems:

Nisser's lingerie, frocks, suits, hosiery, gloves and coats

 Ask for Nestle Chocolate

There were also some nice windows on the old buildings. Click here to see. 

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