Friday, April 6, 2012

Northside signage

Luke and I ventured over to the north side of the river today to take some pics. I've been over that way with my camera many times, but I'm still discovering new old signs (some of which I might have just forgotten about photographing before...). 

We started off in Northcote. 

Well spotted by Luke on the side of a building on High Street, 
partially obscured by a tree (click to enlarge all pics)

High Street again

Also High Street. Closer views below. 

Then to Fitzroy...

Off Brunswick Street (possibly posted before)

I think this is Fitzroy Street. I've posted pics of the front 
before, but didn't notice the two-in-one sign down the side

A closer view of the two-in one. It was a wool merchants warehouse. 

 Johnson Street

 This is also a two-in one. 

C.V. Fashions, Brunswick Street

 This is my fave of the day. Ballarat Family Hotel Carlton Bitter

The side of the Rainbow Hotel, David Street

On the other side

And the back

Off Brunswick Street

Another double sign. I think this was on Johnston Street

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