Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Saturday in photos

The fog still lingered over the city when Luke and I walked along the river this morning. I took a photo of ducks (surprise!). It's so cute the way they tuck their beaks into their feathers to sleep. 

There was a rainbow in the spray from the Hochgurtel Fountain in the Carlton Gardens.

Here's a close up. 

We went to the Finders Keepers Market at the Royal Exhibition Building, although the opportunity to photograph the building's beautiful interior was the biggest drawcard. The market only took up one end of the building, with the rest of it screened off. But there were gaps  where the screens joined so we squeezed through and snapped away. It's not that often you get  the chance to take photos inside the Royal Exhibition  Building without hordes of people getting in the way. 

Click here for more pics

Luke spotted an old sign on a building opposite the Exhibition Building.

Bantown House? 

We popped into the Botanic Gardens on our way home. The Ornamental Lake is covered in a thick carpet of algae. 

It's a swanvoy

I took more photos of ducks (and the algae).

The ducks were funny.  I saw a gap in the algae where the surface of the water was disturbed. 'Ooh, there's something in the water over there!' I said to Luke, just as a duck popped up in the gap. 

We saw swans making a love heart. Unfortunately they were rather inconsiderate swans and didn't hold the pose for more than a nanosecond, so my photo is fuzzy. 

We took some more photos and then headed for home. 


Andrew said...

It looks like duck weed covering the lake. Plunge your hand into the water and some will stick on your hand and take it home and it will grow and multiply in water. Another invasive foreign species.

piggywhistles said...

Love your photos. I especially like the rainbow in the water and the swan hearts. I like the way you see beauty and interest in simple things.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Andrew. The sign near the lake said it was an algal bloom but I would have said duckweed too. It's quite strange close up. In places it was slowly moving with the surface of the water and made me feel seasick looking at it.

Hey piggy. Thank you. That's really the essence of this blog - the joy of simple things. When I started writing it a few years ago I had to consciously look for gleeful things, and eventually it became second nature. I think having a photo blog made me more aware of small details too.