Sunday, December 9, 2012

A good sign on Goodwood Street

Yesterday I went back and took photos of the old signs on the building in Goodwood Street we saw on our Friday night meandering around Richmond. 

Here's the whole building. I've fiddled with the photo (and all the others) to make the signs a little more visible, which gives you an idea of how hard it was to see them in the fading light.  

There's a phone number painted on both ends, beside the windows. It's a phone number, but it must be a very old phone number because it's prefixed with the letter J.

I only noticed when I uploaded this photo to my computer that you can still see the name of the sign writer on the bottom right above. It says Butcher Signs and something I can't make out that begins with "St". 

You can't make it out in the top photo, but there's also a sign above the door (click to enlarge).

It looks like the business name across the top - maybe Weer & Sons? - but it's hard to say because I'm missing the bit on either side.  I couldn't see very well with the sun in my eyes and the sign might have been too faded to see anyway.  

Below the name it says "Established 1860." 1860! No wonder it's so faded.  The bottom is "Also at Sydney and Newcastle". 

A very cursory Google search didn't shed any light. I might have to delve a bit deeper. 

But wait! There's more!

There's a sign on the east side of the building too.  It looks like it says LAMPS and below is the same phone number the appears on the front of the building.


missjane said...

Studio? Butcher Signs Studio?

I've started noticing these more and more... around Carlton North (Rathdowne St) there are some houses that them on their side or back walls - I can't quite tell whether they used to be shops, or if they were early billboards.

Deidre said...

Since 1860! Incredible! I just can't imagine any of the signs that we make now lasting that long!