Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Giant fairy floss, pink sunglasses, skater man

Ghost window

This morning as I walked through Federation Square, I saw two men carrying what a looked like giant tub of pink fairy floss. They deposited it near the steps facing Flinders Street Station. I have no idea what occasion called for a giant tub of fairy floss. 

Coming home tonight I saw two women practising juggling, which reminded me I had a dream last night that I was trying - and failing - to juggle. This is vexing, because I actually can juggle...or at least I could. I haven't done it in ages. I might have a go on the weekend to see if I still can. 

On the weekend I saw a man towing a little trailer behind his bike. The trailer contained a small black dog, which was wearing hot pink cat's eye sunglasses. 


There was a story on The Age online today about the unconventional commuting habits of businessmen. One man, a solicitor up north in Rockhampton, rides a skateboard to his office

"I'm usually wearing my ridiculously large headphones and listening to AC/DC screeching out Shoot to Thrill, ” he said. 

I forgot to mention he's 45. I think that's fantastic. 


I ran/walked around the Tan again tonight. Go, me. 

I started reading my book about octopuses on the weekend. It's fascinating.  

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Andrew said...

45 year old business man on a skate board. Oh dear.

I saw the fairy floss today, along with the set for selling tickets for the tennis.

I can top your man with a dog in a trailer. How about three kids in a cart being pushed by their father? on a bicycle. The bike was attached to cart. Mother? rode her own bike with them. Christian bikes dot com, something like that on the cart.