Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well spotted, lamb on a ram, old school

I walked home from work via Coles on Swan Street in Richmond, just to add a bit of extra exercise to my day (and buy something for dinner). As I walked along Stewart Street, which runs between the train line and a pocket of light industrial buildings, I glanced left and saw this old sign:

The degree of difficulty of spotting it was quite high - it's partially hidden in a sort of courtyard, behind the building fronting Stewart Street. Well done, me. 

There was a sign on the other end of the building too. 

I like the old painted street sign as well. 

Above this sign was a kookaburra with a snake in its beak.

Further along on another building I saw this: 

It's a LAMB ON A RAM!!! There's a painted over sign along the top of the building but I can't quite make out what it says. 

I forgot I took this photo at the Little Library at Melbourne Central on the weekend. As well as borrowing books, you can also leave a book review. They're handwritten and organised alphabetically. Who needs the internet, eh? 

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Andrew said...

The kookaburra underwear sign is fantastic.