Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cool, coincidental sign find, cheezlova

Ghost city 

After a record-breaking number of days over 30 degrees and uncomfortably warm nights, this weekend has been cool. Cool enough to snuggle under the doona at night and cool enough to wear tights and boots (not to bed). And it rained again. It was fabulous.

This afternoon

Hardy hydrangea survived the heatwave

I spotted a ghost sign on Malvern Road in Hawksburn yesterday which has been revealed by the demolition of the neighbouring building. I climbed up on a retaining wall to try to  get a photo of the full sign, but no luck. 

Perdriau Master Cord Tyres

Coincidentally, it's just across the road from Beaurepairs, where we were headed when I saw it. 

We went for a wander while the tyres were being seen to. We hesitated in front of My Bookshop because we each have a pile of unread books, but we couldn't resist. I bought another word book with a very wordy title: Let's Bring Back...The Lost Language Edition: A collection of forgotten-yet-delightful words, phrases, praises, insults, idioms, and literary flourishes from eras past.   While flicking through it in the store, I found a funny word for canoodling (funnier even than 'canoodling'), but now I can't find it. I'll be sure to bring it to your attention when I locate it again.  

It's a cute little book with a hard, embossed cover and a ribbon to keep your place. I do like a book with a ribbon bookmark.

We went to The Astor last night to see Hitchcock's North by Northwest with Cary Grant, which I hadn't seen before. I enjoyed it, especially the meldodramatic music. It's always nice to visit the old art deco cinema, and fitting to take in an old flick. I had a choctop and Luke had a beer.

I invented a dessert today. I call it cheezlova - meringue nests with vanilla cheesecake filling, served with fresh raspberries. I made the filling, but not the nests. It was tasty, but not really an improvement on pavlova or cheesecake. At least I won't die wondering...



Kristin said...

I saw this link to a book about sign writers, and the dying art of sign writing, and thought you'd love it.

(I hope this doesn't get eaten by your spam filters, but felt I had to try)

Jayne said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by and posting the link. I'll have to see if I can find the book/doco.

Brainpickings is great, isn't it?