Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My recent ghost sign finds

I went to the Ghost Sign Hunters seminar this afternoon, which I really enjoyed. I'm not going to write about that tonight though, partly because my brain's tired and partly because there's a bunch of things I want to follow up on before I blog about it.

Instead, here are my recent ghost sign finds:

 Chinatown, Little Bourke Street

Hong Company, also in Chinatown

This is at the top of Little Bourke Street. It's too ghostly to read

It looks like the sign predated the windows, which seems odd. 

Monopole Magnum Cigars, Swan Street, Richmond

Chapel Street, Prahran. I think there's three old signs here -
 the two obvious ones, and another underneath the 
Amcal Chemist sign. I can only make out the words
 'store' and 'wear' on the right

Little Collins Street, on the tall garden wall of the Melbourne Club.
 Alex was probably destined to work with feet...

I've seen this sign on the corner of Punt Road and Rowena Parade 
in Richmond  a dozen times while driving past, and finally took 
a photo last week on the way home. I didn't know exactly what it said
 until today, when the small sign on the bottom right in the 
photo below caught my eye at the ghost sign seminar. 

My photo (of Stefan Schutt's photo) isn't very good, but thanks 
to Stefan I now know it's a sign for Orlando Wines. These 
signs are in Surrey Hills and were revealed by the demolition 
of the neighbouring building

Taken through the car window while stopped briefly at 
traffic lights on Bridge Road in Richmond. It's a bit far 
gone too. What's that thing on the left? A pear? 

This was my sole find on Bourke Road in Camberwell. 
The bottom line says 'estate agents'

Mostly hidden from view on Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

Another partial view on Burwood Road, Hawthorn

Yet another tea sign...

...and its neighbouring instant coffee sign.

I spotted this from the footpath on Glenferrie Road, near
 the train station.  I thought I'd get a better view from the train 
platform which is elevated above road level, but it was still 
obscured. I did get a quick glimpse as I went past on the train - 
it says 'building'. 

One of my favourites from Sunday's sign hunt
 on Glenferrie Road. 'Saratay's Blue Stores. Frocks 
Coats Costumes Value Quality Satisfaction'

And I've saved the best til last. I can't make out the top bit,
 but I'm fairly sure the bottom reads 'Beenie's Horse Rugs 
Verandah Blinds a Specialty'!


Lindy said...

Some great pictures. I am looking forward to hearing about the Ghost Sign Seminar.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of posting your historical Ghost Signs on Melbourne's HistoryPin map?