Saturday, March 2, 2013

Warrandyte adventure

We went on an adventure to the outer suburb of Warrandyte today.  It's more like a small town in the bush than a 'normal' suburb. It's the place where gold was first found in Victoria (in 1851), setting off the  gold rush. I didn't know that, but I did know that it was a nice spot to visit - I'd been twice before, but ages ago.

An old house-cum-shop on the main street

The Yarra, the river I walk along on my way to work, also runs through Warrandyte, but it looks a lot different. It's bushy, there's no paved paths and you can easily get to the water's edge. It was a warm day and a few kids were having a paddle. There's also gentle rapids in places.


We had lunch and meandered about a few shops and a gallery before taking a stroll along the river. We saw a lone duck zoom past, riding the rapids. I imagine it was thinking, "Wheeeeee!" as it went down river. It was very funny, but too fast to catch on camera. 

After leaving Warrandyte we headed towards Kangaroo Ground - we didn't really have a plan, we just got in the car and drove. We stopped to take in the view from the memorial tower. 

The city in the hazy distance

17 miles away

Then we visited Sugarloaf Reservoir, which is one of the dams that supplies water to Melbourne. 

I was surprised we could actually walk down to the water's edge in some places. Uh, sorry, Melbourne water drinkers, but I dipped my toe in it. The banks are quite rocky. 

I found a stone shaped like a stone-age dagger. I bought it home as a souvenir.

There's some nice little golden elms at the reserve. I love the way it looks when the sun shines through elm leaves.

On the way back we stopped again in Kangaroo Ground to take some photos of a rural vista of rolling hills, dams, a few sheep and cows and rusty old buildings. 

It would be really pretty when the grass is green. (Related: it's officially autumn! Yay!)

Old buildings

Lucky I didn't take this shot a few seconds later 
(cow pat alert)

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a work in progress said...

I forget how dry and brown Victoria looks in the summer...

We can send you PLENTY of water if you can rig up a big pipe and a sprinkler system ;)
(220mm last Monday alone and it's STILL going pretty much non-stop. I swear I'm getting mouldy!)