Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter, footy's back, summer's gone

 We didn't do it! Let us out!

The extra-long Easter weekend has arrived. Four days of no work. Woo! Luke and I are going for a drive to Bendigo tomorrow to visit my friend and her two boys. We're going to make a (probably very long) day of it by travelling via Trentham, Daylesford and Castlemaine. I'm a little bit in love with central Victoria after our recent visits to Maldon and Clunes, and my day trip to Castlemaine a couple of years ago. I discovered from Trentham's website that it has Victoria's longest single drop waterfall - imaginatively named Trentham Falls - so we'll be stopping off there. 

Apart from that, we haven't planned anything, which I quite like. 

The football season (AFL, that is) started tonight. I'm not a huge footy fan, but there's something comforting about coming home on a nippy autumnal evening, plopping onto the couch and watching the football on TV. Well, Luke watched it (and yelled at the TV) while I messed about on my laptop.

Speaking of autumn, it looks like the hot weather has finally nicked off so we can now properly appreciate the loveliness of autumn. 

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