Monday, May 6, 2013

Absentedminded, feathered friend, glassy

I thought it was pay day next week, but it's not; it's two days away. Oh, the joys of absentmindedness. 

I saw the* Nankeen Night Heron snaffling a fish or some other tasty morsel as I walked under Swan Street Bridge on my way home from the gym this evening. It was dark, but I recognised its little hunchbacked form in the gloom.  (* I know it isn't necessarily the same bird, but I like to think it is, as if we have one of those relationships that sometimes develop between people who see each other on the train platform at the same time every day.)

There wasn't even the slightest puff of breeze as I walked home. The river surface was  still, black and glassy. It was chilly despite the lack of wind. I think it's time to get out the gloves for my walk to and from work. 

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