Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Now for something different

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while, usually when someone who reads Gleeful connects with me on Twitter or Facebook. It doesn't happen often, but when it does   I worry - a little, not a lot - that they will be surprised or disappointed to find out what I'm really like. 

If you only 'know' me from Gleeful, you might think I'm always cheerful and upbeat. I'm not. If you've read the little blurb in the sidebar you'll know I didn't start this blog because I was always super-happy and felt I had a duty to help make the world a happier place. I started it to lift my spirits after the end of a relationship*. I am generally happier since I started the blog, but there have been times I haven't been happy at all. In fact, for some of the time I've been writing the blog, I've been treated for depression. 

The blog is genuinely me, just not all of me. The bits you don't read about here? I have a short temper, especially when I'm exhausted, and I'm never not tired; it's just a matter of degree. I have very little patience. I'm often oversensitive. I'm moody. I'm a sulker. I can be judgemental. 

I have a veritable menagerie of pet hates, and a very low tolerance for people who exhibit the behaviours that annoy me.  I quite often have a low tolerance for people in general. I not only think mean thoughts about people, I often share them online. I complain about my job and the people I work with. I complain about people who complain too much. I swear quite a lot. 

What you'll get on Twitter or Facebook is a more rounded me. I'm not Pollyanna. I'm just normal.

* Gleeful has lasted a helluva lot longer than that relationship did.  


missjane said...

As someone who only found you recently on twitter, I have to say I hadn't thought about this until you posted this! But it's probably a good point to make, for yourself as much as for any of us. :)

Andrew said...

You are in a better place now. You are selfish, self obsessed but have a nice partner. Welcome to my world.

Dina said...

What do you think is more the real you...your blog or your Twitter/Facebook. Or do you think it's about equal?

I like what you say...the blog is genuinely you, but not all of you.

We all have different sides to ourselves.

I think it's kind of nice to imagine a very positive person making a positive blog.

But I think it's kind of more special for a not-so-positive person to make such a blog.

piggywhistles said...

I think having a blog where you really only put positive things can be great for both reader and writer.
I like your blog because it is upbeat and positive and shows an appreciation for the little things in life.
I imagine that it helps you look for the positive things in your life also.
I am sure I would like the 'whole' you. I haven't used Twitter but now I am tempted.