Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy news, relief, the bird is back

One of my online friends shared some wonderful news on Facebook today. We're separated by sea and have never met in person, but her news made me genuinely happy. Every time I read a new comment on the thread, it made me happy all over again. Is it strange to feel so affected and uplifted by the happy events in the lives of someone you've never met? We've been friends online for a few years now, during which we've each been through some ups and downs, so I don't think it's odd. I don't really care if it's odd. I think it's one of the lovely things about the internet.  

I had an ergonomic assessment of my workspace yesterday in the hope that it would ease the pain in my back. It only took a couple of adjustments to bring some relief. Aaaaaah. 

The white-faced heron is back! I saw it this morning and yesterday morning creeping along the  water's edge with its eye on a fish (I assume), but as usual I was in a rush to get to work so couldn't stop to watch.  

There was a praying mantis on the front steps of my building when I got home tonight. I nearly stepped on it. 

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