Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Books, bubble wrap, buildings

A rainbow yesterday

Now that I've given up shopping for shoes and clothes - and I haven't been shopping online much at all - I miss the little thrill of parcels showing up on my desk at work every week or two. I did buy some books online recently though, and they showed up yesterday. Yay! 

I bought Oliver Jeffers' A Child of Books (a kids' book) and The Well of Being, a picture book for adults described as "an enchanting illustrated enquiry into the pursuit of happiness, and what it means to be radically alive in our daily moments". I haven't read either yet. 

I have stomped all over the bubble wrap with giant bubbles that the books were wrapped in however.  

I bought two more books today (Hannah Kent's new one, The Good People, and Clementine Ford's Fight Like a Girl) so I have another parcel (and more bubble wrap) to look forward to next week.  

I've often wondered about the history of the magnificently grand but faded building occupied by JB Hi-Fi on Chapel Street and now I know, thanks to someone I follow on Instagram who linked to a blog post about it. It was originally the Prahran Arcade, which housed 30 shops, Turkish baths, billiard rooms and an OYSTER SALOON.  I don't eat oysters (gak!) but if I did I would want to eat them at a saloon. 

After two very cold days (by Melbourne in October standards), we are set for a couple of days of  mid-20s temperatures. Hooray! 

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