Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stuff what I love right now (October 2016)

My tiny garden from Morning Flowers at Melbourne Central

Here is a bunch of stuff that I am loving right now (mostly discovered on Instagram and Pinterest). 

The glorious floral paintings of Canadian artist Bobbie Burgers. I love her bright, colourful works, but I adore the darker ones like this. 

'Take this longing'

The dark and haunting work of Dutch artist and photographer Nola Limmen.  I also love this photo of the view from her desk. 

Speaking of desks, I've been pinning a lot of pictures of people's workspaces on Pinterest lately. They even have their own board. I'm not sure why I like looking at pictures of people's desks and studios, but I do.  This one (the desk of UK-based interior designer Kate Young) is one of my faves.  I love the rustic desk and black and white photo combination. I'm feeling inspired to tizzy up my desk at work a little (it currently has barely any personal touches at all). 

I have also developed a Pinterest obsession with pictures of collections of things. All sorts of things, stuff that I'm not interested in collecting myself, like Blythe dolls, vintage cameos and pocket watches, mannequin heads and glass eyes. It's more about the photos of the things, than the things themselves.  

 I think this photo is by Glenn Matsumura, 
though I can't see it on his site

Today I discovered knolling, which is the arrangement/organisation of like objects into a neat square or rectangle. I'm not entirely sure why you would do this, but I like looking at photos of it. Here are 50 photos of knolling (knolls?):

I also like this Tumblr called Things Organized Neatly.  (I wonder if I might have a streak of obsessive compulsive in me?)  Things organised neatly in rainbow colour are even better. 

I might have banned myself from shopping for shoes, clothes and accessories, but I'm still allowed to look. I love Zana Bayne's leather gear (fortunately I couldn't afford her  stuff even if I were allowed to shop).

Oversized buckle belt

Designers Guild's gorgeous fabricwallpaper and homewares. I've just discovered they do free samples (although they don't ship to Australia, but there are ways around that). 

Pip Studio wallpaper and homewares. So pretty and colourful.  

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