Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday wanders

Walking across Morell Bridge this morning I spied a man and a small boy picnicking in a spot out of the gusty wind. They sat close together on one side of the blanket, the boy's head resting on the man's shoulder. I wanted to take a photo of this sweet little scene, but I couldn't do it discreetly. 

I took a tram into the city and when I was crossing Collins Street, I passed a little girl in an orange tracksuit, blowing on a harmonica.  She had a mop of dark hair. It made me smile. 

I went to Melbourne Central, where I discovered a gorgeous little flower shop called Morning Flowers (it's probably been there for ages - it's me that hasn't). 

 Succulents, terrariums, tiny posies, and wee pot plants galore

Such a pretty shop

I bought three of the aforementioned wee pot plants, which I'm too tired/lazy to take photos of right now. 

I did some wandering about the laneways. 

 Union Lane

Street heart, just off Degraves Street 

So much to look at on Presgrave Place

 Off Degraves again

Off Degraves again 

This piece above is great and I love the huge curve of colour that surrounds it, but it makes me wistful for the fantastic mosaic that used to be there which said, "Random acts of gentle anarchy". I loved it, and now I miss it even more after discovering its history (because I couldn't remember the exact wording and had to consult the Google). 

The work was created by Sayraphim Lothian during a workshop with a visiting UK "craftivist and rebel ceramicist" Carrie Reichardt. Sayraphim describes herself as a "public artist, investigator of guerrilla kindness [and] craftivist". I love the idea of guerilla kindness - leaving "tiny handcrafted artworks out on the street for people to find and take home, injecting tiny, unexpected and magical moments in passers-by’s lives. They aim to remind people of the niceness of life, as rewards for those who take the time to stop and look around them once in a while" I like to take the time to stop and look around me all the time. So, yeah, I miss the mosaic. I will keep an eye out for her tiny handcrafted artworks now. 

I went to a couple of art and craft shops to get supplies for a few projects I have in my mind as a result of spending too much time on Pinterest (still). I'm feeling very creative lately, although I haven't actually created anything thus far; I just lie awake thinking about what I'm going to make. I wonder if this has to do with being off the anti-depressants (a surge of creativity, I mean, not lying awake thinking, although that could be too)? 

 Happy button is happy (despite being trapped under tape)

I have an extra long weekend coming up in a couple of weeks (I'm taking the Monday off before Melbourne Cup Day so I have five days off. Wooh!) so I'm planning to immerse myself in arts and crafts then.

 Crossing Morell Bridge on my home this evening

 As above

Cool clouds

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