Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bombilating with glee

OK, the time has come to hit you with the list of funny, weird and cool words I have harvested from Foyle's Philavery and Rinkworks. It's a fairly lengthy list, so I am splitting it in two.

Part one -

* Amaneunsis - secretary. Henceforth I am going to refer to myself as a Legal Amaneunsis.

* Abligurition - extravagant expenditure on food and drink.

* Agrypnia - sleeplessness.

* Battlefang - to attack with fists or fingernails. So much more evocative than "fight".

* Beek - to warm or make comfortable, to bask in the warmth of the sun or a fire

* Beshrew - to curse.

* Bombilate - to make noise through vibrating, to buzz.

* Cacoepy - means mispronunciation and is in itself a word that seems ripe for mispronunciation.

* Callypgian - having buttocks that are beautifully proportioned of finely developed.

* Cataglottism - kissing with the tongue. Hmmm...doesn't sound very erotic, does it?

* Charientism - expression of a disagreeable thing in a pleasant manner - eg a gracefully veiled insult. I love that there is a word for this!

* Contrectation - sexual foreplay, compulsion to caress the opposite sex. Again, doesn't sound very pleasurable - more like a medical procedure!

* Crapulous/crapulent - hungover. Interestingly, this word is not related to 'crap'. It comes from the Latin 'crapula' which means intoxication and from Greek kraipale 'dunken headache'. Crap has a middle English origin.

* Cucumiform - shaped like a cucumber. I just like the sound of this (kyoo-kyoomi-form).

* Dasypygal - having a hairy bottom.

* Dentiloquy - the practice of speaking through clenched teeth. I LOVE this word.

* Eesome - pleasing to the eye. This word amuses me. If you compare it to similar words like troublesome and frolicsome...if you take away the "some" they are still proper words. But what's "ee"?!

* Eudemonic - producing or conducive to happiness and wellbeing.

* Expergefactor - something or someone that wakens a sleeper (eg alarm clock).

* Feculent - pollluted, fetid, filthy, containing sediment or faecal matter. I like this word because it perfectly evokes ickiness. It would be an excellent insult...

* Fernticle - freckle.

* Hirple - to hobble or walk lamely. A wobbly sounding word for being wobbly.

* Kalopsia - the tendency of things to appear more beautiful than they actually are...Beer goggles! Also refers to the way a person can appear more attractive to their loved ones than they would to the objective beholder.

* Katzenjammer - a loud, discordant noise; also, a hangover; also, a state of depression or bewilderment. Hmmm, bit of a jack of all trades, that one. I love it because I reckon it would make a good faux swear word. "Oh, kaztenjammer!!"

Look what I found!

I am bombilating with glee, people! I have discovered a site that brings together two of my loves - words and list writing. Awesome!

I was trying (in vain) to find the proper pronunciation of cacoepy, when I bounced onto Wordie which is all about um...words and it allows you to compile your own lists of words - e.g. words you love or words you hate (er...I have already compiled these lists on listography but I have ideas for other lists already).

I am in anal retentive nerd heaven! I haven't joined yet, but I will very, very soon. I've subscribed to the blog though.


Julian said...

I've only read some of that list and I'll have to read the rest of it tomorrow, because my brain is very tired and full now. :) I have a question though. What is the word that describes the situation where a word gets repeated so many times that it becomes dissociated from its meaning in your head and starts to look/sound odd? I think I've seen a word for it at some point, but I could be wrong! (Yes, I could probably Google it, but this way I'm (hopefully) adding to the conversation. ;) )

Any takers? :)

Abbeysmum said...

Wonderful, fantastic, I am too tired to properly enjoy the list, I will have another look in the morning....but I think the correct pronunciation may be the same as Caseopea a Greek or Roman Goddess .Cass ee ope ee get the drift.

Small Footprints said...

OK ... here's the challenge ... use every word in a sentence.

BTW ... I've now subscribed to your blog (will continue to follow you and list you in my blog roll but ... the feed doesn't update in my blog roll so ... I don't see your new posts). Now ... I've placed you in my bookmarks and will see your new stuff as it posts! Yeah!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Abbeysmum said...

Seeee, told you I was tired....I obviously transposed the e and the o when I read that word.Really must get an early night tonight, or I will end up on auto pilot tomorrow.

The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

I'm with Small Footprints. I've been looking at that list and trying to think of a short story to write using all of them.

I joined the listography site as well. I'm going to check out Wordie as well.

Frisky Librarian (formerly known as GleeGirl) said...

Hi Julian. Sorry, it is a pretty long list.

I know what you mean about the word you're looking for - I had that the other day with the word "thesaurus" - but sorry, I can't help. That might be a curly one for Google to help you with too. Let me know how you go.

Hello Abbeysmum. So many sleepy people sitting on the computer! (Me included - I have been a bit slow in replying to you all because I'm pretty well worn out and the silly season has onyl just started.)

I thought cacoepy might have been pronounced phonetically, but not sure. Ironic. I might look in an actual dictionary to see if I can find it.

Hello Small Footprints. A sentence! Goodness me, you're a hard task master! Maybe a paragraph or a story - and a pretty bizarre one too!

Thanks for subscribing. I don't know why your blog roll doesn't like me, but I think we'll have to just resign ourselves to it. :(

Hello again Abbeysmum. Go to bed!!

Hi Mrs BB (sorry, I'm being lazy). Let me know how you go with the story. And I'm pleased to hear I've introduced someone to listography.

BeingSaintJane said...

I love this! I had to share it with my best friend who is also a word junkie. She'll be able to use some of them to stump another friend of ours. We use to have word of the week battles.

BTW I think Cacoepy is pronounced Caco (like Gecko) i (like ick) PEa let me know if you find out otherwise!

Earl Riser said...

Gee I don`t know if I can even pronounce half of these in my head, let alone out loud in public.
I would have to change my name to Mr Malopropism.

Julian said...

"Eesome - pleasing to the eye. This word amuses me. If you compare it to similar words like troublesome and frolicsome...if you take away the "some" they are still proper words. But what's "ee"?!"

A shriek, I think. ;) But you don't usually shriek when you see something pleasing, unless it's a happy one, I guess! :) So there you go: "Ee" is a happy shriek, apparently. ;)

Frisky Librarian (formerly known as GleeGirl) said...

Hello SaintJane. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the list and shared it with a friend. That's makes me happy! Stay tuned for the next instalment. Oh,and go check out Wordie if you haven't already.

Hello Earl. Hehe. I'm not even sure if I'm pronouncing some of them right, but in any case, if you did actually use them in conversation, they are such uncommon words no one would know if you got it wrong. They'd be too busy thinkng, "Er...what?"!

Hello again Julian. Thank you!