Monday, December 1, 2008

Camera love, mail and blue nails

In case you can't tell, I'm loving my flash new camera. I've been taking pictures every day - it's almost permanently attached to my hand. I'm making detours on my way home from work to shoot stuff and wandering around the backstreets of my neighbourhood looking at everything through lense-eyes.

This actually blends seamlessly with the rationale for this blog, which is to take notice and celebrate the little things, the finer details of day-to-day life, not just the big, bold brushstrokes.

With 10 megapixels and a 6x optical zoom, my new Canon Power Shot is a massive leap in technology on my old Kodak and I'm getting such a kick out of the things I can do with this one that I couldn't before. The colours are more vibrant and true to life and I can take extreme close-ups and zoom in on subjects in the distance without losing sharpness.

I am continuing to indulge my photographic obsessions - clouds, old doors and windows, trees silhouetted against the sky, the Melbourne skyline, street art and the cranes at the building site across the river from my house. I can't help myself. I also have a new obsession - macro shots of flowers. I'm trying not to inflict too many of my photographic fixations on you though, just in case you find it tedious. (I have a new blog idea for that...)

I got mail

I got another parcel in the post at work today - a singlet and skirt I ordered online from Beserk clothing. I had been looking forward to the package's arrival for a couple of days. Then when it did arrive, I had to wait until I got home to try on the clothes for size. I managed to enjoy the anticipation and when I eventually did get home, I was very pleased with my purchases. I can't wait to wear the skirt.


I painted my nails on the weekend. I can't remember the last time I bothered with polish on my fingernails, but I'm quite enjoying the novelty. I bought the nail varnish - an irridescent indigo - because it's such a cool colour, thinking I would only wear it on my toenails because it's a little out there, but I got curious to see how it would look on my fingernails. Not entirely sure about it, but it's nice to do something a little different sometimes.

PS Only nine working days left for me for 2008. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Urban Panther said...

I used to go on these kicks where I was determined to be more girlie. I would buy pretty polish, and polish remover. I'd manicure my nails, then paint them ... usually making a mess in the process. Then within 24 hours, I would do something to chip, smudge, or otherwise ruin the look. Sigh. I've just decided to embrace my inner tom-boy. *smile*

Frisky Librarian (formerly known as GleeGirl) said...

Hi Urban Panther. I used to have those kicks more often in the past too and they always ended up the same as yours - with me accepting I am just not a girlie girl. I'm crap at painting my nails and find it very frustrating. Perhaps it's one of those things that you get better at with practise, but I haven't got the patience (or the desire) to master it - especially when the finished effect doesn't last very long.

victoria said...

just don't post pics of your nails Frisky! ;) hehehe

my one concession to nailology was when i got married...i paid a fortune for silk/linen fakies and then realised i could barely hold the pen to sign the papers *snort*

oh and i snapped them all off at work (whilst making 28 beds a morning on shift at a nursing home) within a week!!!

what a waste of money that was!

Earl Riser said...

Painted nails, fine.
Parcels in mail, a very relevant posting.
I am just jealous that you only have nine days of work left!! Stop reminding me!!!

Julian said...

Reminds me of when I got my first digital camera: I took it everywhere that was even vaguely significant. :) Those flower shots are pretty impressive, and I like the synchronised swimming and sunset shots, too. :)

I was outside last night with my camera and tripod taking shots of the smiley face in the sky. Guess what my new Facebook profile picture is? ;)

Frisky Librarian (formerly known as GleeGirl) said...

Hi Victoria. Fear not! I wouldn't do something that naff! Silk/linen nails? Goodness me. Be all right if you were a lady of lesiure when could spend all day reclining on the chaise all day.

Hello Earl. Sorry to torment you. Better not mention that it's 8 days now...hehe. Do you have time off at Christmas?

Hi Julian. I tried taking some shots of the smiley face too but alas, my camera didn't do it justice (it might if I read the instructions and knew more about all the settings, however).

Owing to the smallness of digital cameras and the largeness of my handbag, I have been carting my camera with me everywhere for most of this year. Doesn't even need to be an "event" for me....

Julian said...

Darn. That's the problem with new cameras: learning all the settings (esp. the exposure time in this case!). The one downside to my camera (Canon Powershot S3IS), is that its often useful 12x zoom makes it too big to fit in a pocket. If I'm ever feeling rich and sufficiently frustrated at being unable to take it along to random social events, I might get myself a cheaper, slimmer one!